Thursday, June 13, 2013

Back to Blonde

After a 2 year hiatus, I am back to blonde! AND after more than a DECADE of dreaming of it, I FINALLY got pink highlights!
But first, let me update you on Annie's orthopedic appointment:
We had another very encouraging day with the doctor! Yes, her knees barely bend and yes, her clubbed foot is clubbing significantly again, BUT since they do not affect her ability to walk or sit in her wheelchair, he says there is no reason to operate. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." He also said how great she looked and what a great job I was doing. :) Great day at the doctor's indeed!
Ok, so I have had a dilemma many times about going back blonde. The main reason was Annie. I wanted her to see I was happy the way God made me, (which I am), and I want her to be happy with the way He made her too. But, do you know how often girls like Annie can change their hairstyles, even without chemicals?! So, I embraced having fun hair again and will do anything to her hair, (short of coloring and perming it). At a certain age of course that will be allowed, but we can do so many NATURAL hairstyles- (my fav) the fro, (close second) Pom Poms, straighten it (properly and without chemicals) with a straightener, braids (endless possibilities), colored yarn extensions, etc.
So, why can't I have fun since she gets to have so much fun with so many hair choices? :)
Besides, Paul and my mom, (among so many others, including strangers), missed my blonde hair and preferred me as a blonde (I did too of course lol). My mom was quick to point out that while I am no longer a natural blonde, I was a natural blonde for more than half my life...I was born this way.
(pardon the selfies in the inlaws bathroom lol and it looks so much better in person!)
I've always wanted to go super short in the back... this isn't styled, just blown dry, (after more than 3 hours I was ready to leave lol)


  1. It looks SO cute!!! I've thought about getting a dark purple underneath my hair so it just peeks through but I am no where near brave enough! I'm so glad you got a professional cut also :) Your hair is going to be amazing for your bros wedding coming up!

  2. LOVE it! I was going to dye my hair purple (more plum colored) in May, but decided that my aunt would probably get upset at the group photos for my cousin's wedding and postponed it. Now, I don't want to do it anymore... Hahaha. I'm getting a black/dark blue color on Thursday. :)