Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pom Pom Pride

So as I posted yesterday, I spent hours straightening Annie's hair, but then I made the rookie mistake of using a creme moisturizer afterwards-curls starting coming back immediately!

Then I put a night cap on Annie for protection and that did not help-Annie is a sweat machine... you do the math! (check the pic from this am! Lol)

I'm new at caring for her hair so I'm taking it slowly. I decided to keep it looking nice since Saturday Annie is going to be a flower girl.

So today I Co-washed her hair, (conditioner only...and I used the deep treatment conditioner since yesterday was the first time with heat on her hair). Then for protection I gave her multiple pom poms.  She'll go back to her normal gorgeous fro this weekend. :)

I have a friend in Houston that is much more experienced with straightening and I will be borrowing her expertise in the future! Lol  No more rookie mistakes! Lol (btw, her expertise was why I was so successful in the first place, so thanks Stephanie! In spite of my rookie mistake, I still see yesterday as a success.) :)

Btw, she's thrilled about her pom poms! And she keeps touching her "curlzies." (she made up that word just now. :) Oh and she loves her hair-straight, curly or in pom poms- she's gorgeous and she knows it.) ;) (seriously though, she knows it...I was going to post 1 pic of her pom poms, but then she kept wanting to take more pics! I'm telling you, she's proud!)

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