Thursday, June 6, 2013

Praise and Prayer

I forgot one piece of good news in this post. Normally we see her neurosurgeon twice a year whether or not she had a surgery recently. Well, he's so happy with the size of her cyst that we won't have to see him for another year! (unless of course something goes wrong, but the fact that he feels comfortable not seeing her every six months is great news!)

Next week Annie has an appointment with her orthopedic. I took this picture at the Disney store yesterday after her appointment.  On top of the cyst in her brain, (and the hydrocephalus), Annie has many physical issues with her legs, (not to mention urological...but thankfully she's doing well with all that for now). One of those issues being clubbed feet. I cropped the pic to show you how badly her foot has begun to club again. Surgery could be needed, so be praying about that. Also she can barely bend her knees, barely!, and we'll be talking to her ortho about that too.

Since we got her we've had 5 brain surgeries for her cyst (2 before we got her), but haven't really had complications with her Spina Bifida...this may be her first surgery for her legs.

Her PT and I are pretty confident that she'll bounce right back if surgery occurs, but y'all praying for a quick recovery would be appreciated. :)

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