Monday, June 17, 2013

Color Wheel

While we were at my in laws I was able to do a little catch up on this blog...very little. We need the internet back so badly. Anyway, here is a post that should have been posted back in April.
Everywhere I go I see places that would make great photoshoot locations! One such place is this park in the Dallas area. Finally I got to take that photoshoot, the day before Annie got her wheelchair.

 Sorry for the redundancy, but my program automatically made this collage and I had to post it as well! :)

The next day we went to get Annie's wheelchair...
 so excited to see this in the waiting area :)

 Daddy wanted a picture with the hospital for after my heart I tell ya.
We went to the little park outside of the hospital for these next shots: 

 Wish the princess wasn't out of focus, but look at that frog prince! Will be returning to get more shots of him! :)
LOVE these next two:

 Some of her first moments of mobility freedom! (she never really could have mobility freedom outside before because that would involve her crawling on the ground)
We went back to the colorful park for pictures with her chair :)
Yes, I was in desperate need of some reflectors, etc. in this shoot. They came days after this shoot- after ordering them 6 months earlier! ugh

The week after that we went to my future sister in laws bridal shower. I had recently purchased the neon pink skirt, which I realized after the fact that it would go perfectly with her I got her a neon dress too. :)

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