Thursday, June 18, 2009

2 Book Updates

First of all: My children's book is on its way to the illustrator as we speak! I cannot wait to see what they come up with, and to see my little girl come to life! ;)

Secondly: Thank you all so much for voting on my novel. The turn out was far bigger than I expected, and I truly appreciate it! However, I think the poll may have been useless- SORRY! You see, I was talking it over with my friend and she thought I should make her older. You see, she will be spending the summer in Greece, and spending a lot of time exploring and getting into "trouble" all by herself. Would you let your 13 year old do that? No. So I have decided to make her 18. Now it is set in one summer, so if I do a follow up, I can set it in her first semester of college, etc, so her older age is no issue for a sequel. :) I still may do another series if this one goes well starring her little sister.? We shall see. :)

My inspiration for my novel:

You have to enlarge this...just click on the above pic... we were driving... look as far as you can and all you will see is land. AMAZING!

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  1. How exciting! The pictures are beautiful! You'll have to let us know when it hits the stores!