Thursday, June 11, 2009

Poll for my novel

I am working on my first novel, and I think it has great potential! It is written for kids, but can be greatly enjoyed by adults (like Narnia and Harry Potter).

Right now my main character is a girl, age 13. I would like your opinion on what age you would prefer to see her. At first I thought, "Would adults really like to read a book about a 13 year old?" Then I realized that I, (along with millions of others), greatly enjoy Harry Potter, who at the beginning of the series is a mere 11 years old.

The books is set in Greece, and is somewhat of an adventure novel. She meets a boy that is a friend-only a friend- not a love interest in anyway. The reason I am telling you this is because she does not necessarily have to be older, (if love was involved, then age would really matter).

So what age would you prefer her to be- 13, 16, or do you have another suggestion? My poll is on the top right of my blog and will close the evening of June 18.

Thanks! ♥ TK


  1. It all depends on your purpose for this character. Like in Ender's Game, it was crucial for Ender to be less than twelve during the huge battle for reasons which I will not go into here. (thus igniting the controversy with the thus-not-made movie)
    So unless there's a certain reason to change the age, just stick with what you think. ;)

  2. I say 13 - leaves it open to a sequel down the road. :)

  3. Oooooh write a love story... girl meets boy at 13 in Greece, boy falls in love with girl, something happens and they have to reconnect 10 years later... haha maybe I'll write that and let you stick to your wonderful novel... I think 13 is a good age!