Monday, June 1, 2009

Be Our Guest

Paul and I FINALLY have purchased our dining room table! We will not have it until mid July, but when it comes in, you are invited to dinner! :)

This picture seats six, but we bought 8 chairs- we will be using the leaf! :)
Our dining room is beautified, but lonely. The room is sad- waiting is not easy! ;)

My Thomas Kincade knockoff... I bought this, but before the table and everything else in the room... luckily it works perfectly! :)
I couldn't decide what to do with this wall. Then I thought about those rub on letters. THEN I thought that I could give it a try myself so I did...
It wasn't terrible, but I wasn't 100%happy. Then I went to Michael's yesterday, and I found this painting. I love it!!! I bought the frames on the side to put Bible verses about flowers in it... then I got REALLY excited! You see, Matthew 6 is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible. In that chapter, Jesus says to look at the Lilies. If God cares for them, won't He care for us? One of my favorite verses!!! I looked down at the painting, and then I realized the pictures were of Lilies!!! :)


  1. I love love love the idea of decorating with lilies and the significance of it - thank you for inspiring me with some ideas for my apartment!