Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Odds and Ends

I hate not having time to blog!!! Here is a list of the odds and ends going on at the Keierleber home.

1. I heard from my illustrator today!!!!!!!! I will get a call from her tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!! YEA!!!

2. My friend Elise is officially my neighbor!!! She closed today! She lives a whopping minute walk from my house! I AM SOOO EXCITED!!!

3. My aunt Jody found out today she is having a GIRL! YEA!

4. Jersey has been sleeping in a kennel that is for a mastiff, and he loves it! We will be getting one for him soon, (not quite as big, but bigger than the one he has now! Thanks Mudge)!

5. We are dog sitting for our friends- introducing Annie:
6. Ever since I was a little girl I have loved frogs...

A couple of weeks ago I found these guys in the grass- how cute are they? (ignore my gross hand)

THEN, last night I went to let out the dogs, and found this guy:
He is humongous!!! Paul tried to catch him so y'all could see how big he really was, but no luck.
Picture does him no justice! He was the biggest frog I have ever seen!!!

Oh yeah, and my title of "Bored Gourd" in my last post was a reference to Veggie Tales. Mr. Lunt is a gourd, and in the trailer of "The Pirates that don't do anything," it says, "A sour grape, and bored gourd, and a cucumber that wants to be cool..."

Have a great week!!! ~TK

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