Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gentle Giant

Yesterday I heard a knock at the door. Our builder found our neighbor's dog, Daphne, running around. He asked if I could get her for him. I drug her from my house to theirs', then she stopped at the front door. She laid down with her tail between her legs. She DID NOT want to go into the back yard again! After a good 5 minutes or so of coaxing and dragging, I got her into OUR backyard. Since it was so hot, I HAD to let her in! Jersey and Daphne had a blast together. Once Daphne cooled down, she wanted to play so we went OUTSIDE... look at the size of her! She is NOT going to be running in my house... for her safety and the house's! lol

Play with me Jersey!!! Jersey had already had enough! She was a little to rough for him at times! :/
The chase is on. I put the sprinkler on for them to play with! Jersey LOVED it! He is so my water bug! He sure can run fast too!

Jersey enjoyed his time with his girlfriend... they had never really gotten to play together until yesterday!

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