Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This is my 249th post, so my next post will be 250th!!! Ok that was obvious, but seeing as I forgot to blog about my 200th, I don't want to forget 250! lol I am trying to think of something special... we shall see tomorrow...

Anyway, we were all pacified, and now our waiting is done. Well, I will probably have more later, but at least we have a few more today! :)

My brother, the grad, and me. A little too much noise in this picture... and other issues in the others too- Mom, I need to see the settings on your camera! No worries though! :) The hubs and me. Like the bright reflection on my face? Oh well! lol Oh, and I have always wanted to get a full length dress, but I have REALLY high hips, so they always looked weird on me. This one actually looked decent! I should have gotten a full shot of it- this is good enough though! :)

Tricia, Dad, Nick and Taylor. Taylor has two more years then all 4 of us kids will have graduated high school!!! I can't believe it!!! (ignore my arm here... looks funky and fat)

My brother's girlfriend's mom was taking a picture of us, and my mom caught this one. Thanks Mom, but I am interested to see how well it turned out by Mrs. Ollre- since we are looking at her! :)

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  1. didnt even comment about goofy uncle mark in the back ground!