Tuesday, February 23, 2010

15 and Pregnant

Ok, I am not writing about a teenager who is with child. I am just in awe that I know 15 ladies who are pregnant! That has to be a record right? Oh, and I have a friend who is trying and another friend who will start trying this summer. Am I the only one who is not pregnant? LOL

I was praying for all my pregnant friends, but now, I am sorry but I just lift you all up as a group. 15 is a lot of girls to remember in prayer! lol But, one does get a special prayer since she is on bed rest. No fun!

In other news, I was online window shopping at the Red Sox souvenir shop yesterday. Here are some of my must haves/wants/needs. lol

Yes, I am crossing over to the dark side. I am getting a Red Sox SNUGGIE. In April, it will be about 50 degrees during the day, so at night in the uncovered Fenway park- it will be what, about 30 something? Yeah, that's cold! So I was advised to bring a blanket. I will just have to swing by the store there on Yawkey Way and pick this one up! :)

If you know me, you know I LOVE all things Cheetah/Leopard print, (I never know which one it is, I just like it). Normally I wouldn't like this cheetah print, (I am very particular about my prints), but I LOVE this hat! I wanted to get another Red Sox hat since the I one I have is a trucker hat so I have been on the look out. Yeah, I about had a heart attack when I saw this one. Too perfect, huh? :)

There are other"I want" items at the store, but I need to see if they are in stock first. So, I shared with y'all my two must have items. :)

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