Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday I Wants

Yesterday I posted somethings I wanted from Fenway for myself.

Real quick: I want YOU to become a fan of my author facebook page, and for YOU to attend my book signing on March 20! (info on facebook page).

Here are things that I want right now for our future kiddos. Yes, I want to buy them NOW, but we are not sure the age, sex or NAME of our children yet! lol (ok we have names picked out, but they may be already named- depends on their age).
My friend Meredith has one of these for her precious little boy, and I knew I HAD to have them for my kids!!! IT'S JERSEY!!! Since we want a large family, what I might do is just get 2, one in red and one in blue- un-monogrammed- so that boys or girls can use them over time.

When I found Little Disciples, I about peed my pants!
When I found this one, I cried- in the store- I cried. Isn't it beautiful? Whenever we get tired when they cry, etc, we just have to read this. ♥
The one above is a must buy, and this one will be bought when we get a little boy- and depending on his age of course. :) LOVE IT!

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