Friday, February 19, 2010

This makes twice now...

That Jersey has bitten someone.

Jersey is THE sweetest dog in existence! I can even pry his mouth open and take food out of it without so much as a growl from him!

I have mentioned this before, but long story short- Jersey was traumatized by the Petco groomers. He still LOVES Petco, but he HATES all groomers or vets. It is very sad actually. Anyway, he bit a vet assistant one time cause he was so stressed out. It was his first official bite, and while he did not draw blood, it was a bite to cause pain/defend himself none the less. Not like him at all!

Well, yesterday, I had A at my house and we were watching movies and eating popcorn. Jersey kept trying to steal hers- he would sneak behind one of the hand chairs in the playroom to do so. I would get stern with him to stop and he would, but then temptation got the better of him and he ignored me.

Since he was behind the chair he was kinda wedged in there. I reached back to swat him our from behind the chair and he nipped me. Ok, no sir, you are getting out now! Well, when I reached down to pull him out, he bit me and punctured my hand. Ok, that's it! When I reached down again he bit me so hard that this occurred:
This is his second time to bite a person, first time to bite me, and his first time to break skin.

Now, it was really my fault. He had his leash on so I could have just tugged a little and he would have come out from behind the chair. But, I thought that pulling him up from behind it would stick with him better so he would learn not to do that anymore.

It looks like Mommy got the lesson today instead of her child.

I know I am not the first mom to do something like this, and I am sure that whether with your furry or human children you can relate. lol

{ps, Jersey is still the sweetest dog ever! I am not the least bit worried of how he will be with my children, so please do not let this incident deter you from bringing your little ones over for a visit- remember it was really my stupid fault anyway}

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