Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pain, Pain, Go Away

Ok, since March 2005, I have had chronic pain in my lower back. 2/3 weeks ago, I had pain in my leg- a tell-tale sign of a pinched nerve or something in the like.

I had an MRI last week, and I got the results yesterday. I have a bulged disc. Basically, a herniated disc would push on the nerve at all times. A bulged disc only pushes on it sparatically. Still painful but apparently it will go away. Now, I don't know what is causing the chronic back pain, or if it will ever go away. :/ Maybe this is my "thorn in my side."

In other news, my books signing is MARCH 20th, from 1-3 in Lake Jackson. Please let me know if you plan to attend, and know that I will be sending out more information and an official invite later. :)

Ok, so for my book signing and since it is 2 weeks before our anniversary, I wanted to get my hair done then. I am thinking about chopping my hair off again.
My hair is about this length at this moment. Except it is blonde and damaged so it has much more body. In this pic it looks really nice, now- not so much.
Here it is back in 2006, a little longer than it is now, and I am not a fan of it... are you?

I was thinking about chopping it again, and I want your opinion.

This was day one on my hair cut and it is really short... and styled by professionals.
This was not too long after the hair cut. I didn't do too much to style it, and I know it shows. So this is an example of this cut with a bad hair day. (oh and please excuse all my veins- no idea why they are all showing so much lol)
Here is a day I styled it myself, and I think it looks pretty cute.
My roots are horrible here, (they are worse right now lol), but here is another pic that I styled it myself.

So, if I can style it cute like the latter two pics, or even when I have a bad hair day like the second pic- do you think I should chop it again? :) Opinions appreciated!!!


  1. I like long hair right now. What does Paul prefer?

  2. Too bad we can't attend the book signing:-(. You'll have to sign a book and send it too us! :-)

    Btw, I like your hair long.