Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Something was missing...

From the playroom that is. Did you notice? There were no toys!! What kind of playroom is that?

The only toys I had were Beanie Babies, and one Spider Man Mr. Potato Head. hmmm...

Yesterday, I went and bought this cube cause I needed a place to put the Beanies and the future toys. I knew Lowes had these zebra cubes, so instead of just settling for solid color baskets at Target, I had to go to Lowes. So worth it though. :) The Beanie Babies are in the baskets, and Spider Man Mr. Potato Head in behind the Mr. and Mrs. Potato Heads. (Had to buy them at Target... 3 is better than one... now there will be no fighting over the lone spud). :) If you notice on the top left is a basket of food I bought a Walmart yesterday. Kids of all ages, boy or girl, love to play with food, so it was a must buy... and do you see the bowl on the far right...
Soft food!!! :) Had to buy these. Walmart has a clearance section, and that is where I found these babies, and this one too:
They are little lego like builders, but for kiddos 18 months and up! This was a steal, and if it wasn't it still would have been worth every penny!
Somebody is used to being the center of attention. When I was trying to get pics, he stepped in! lol
Scrabble board finally up on the wall where it belongs!! :) Do you notice the Chutes and Ladders adn Life scrapbook paper that are around it? :) {they are not officially put down yet, so they are crooked}

Oh, and we are looking into adoption agencies as we speak!!!!!

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  1. as a foster parent, we use Arrow - the one based in Angleton. Some good friends of ours have 3 siblings, have adopted 2 and are in the process for the 3rd. The youngest was only a few months old when they got her. Let me know if you are interested!!! We currently have 2 brothers, ages 3 and 5 in our care.