Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wanna join us?

I CANNOT WAIT until we go to Boston!!!

Whenever I travel, I always am too afraid to ask people to take our pics, ya know? Well, I solved our problem- and I can't believe I never thought about this before! We are booking a professional photographer to do a shoot of us at Fenway and other historic sites! I am a genius, right!? ;)

I found a few that have reasonable prices, and emailed them Friday morning- I STILL HAVE NOT HEARD BACK FROM THEM! Umm, hello! I know from experience that photography is a very competitive market, so I am curious as to why I have not been responded to yet. I will give them a week- then I will look elsewhere.

I have 2 photogs here in Htown that I would love if they could accompany us to Boston- hence the title. Since I can't I have resorted to my search of Beantown photogs. Check out the Htown photogs Traci and Steve.

In my search for a photographer, I found one who had shots of Boston. Check them out here. This is not helping in my patience, but I can't help looking! I can't wait!
This is roughly our view at Fenway. We will be in the 7th row, so a little closer. The game may be weird being at eye level with the players' backs, but from these seats, we have a great view of the Green Monster, Pesky's poll, and the part of the park over home that says, "Fenway Park." :)

We CAN'T WAIT to see the Sox beat the Yanks! :)

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