Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Daydream Girl

I think this is where we would go for a girls room. :) See blog below to see the furniture. These are all from IKEA, with the exception of the rug. Mr. Incredible will cut silhouettes of random animals that I will paint in diff random colors, (pink elephant, orange lion, green hippo, blue zebra, red giraffe, green monkey, purple alligator, etc) AND REMEMBER- THIS IS JUST FOR FUN!!! I am not announcing anything- I am just daydreaming and trying to keep my mind off the boys.
I really like this bedding because it is not ALL animals. Ya know? :)
Out of these textiles, the top left is the one I will use for some accent decor. :)
Love the curtains. Once again, not too focused on the animals which I like.
For over the bed. I would love to have 3- 1 facing left, 1 facing right, and 1 over the bed it self- like a palm tree is over the bed. However these are $20 a piece, so we may just get one.
With the pink and red in the furniture- how pretty is this?!? :)

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