Thursday, July 29, 2010

It may be complete:

Reminder this is for fun. Look below at my 2 most recent posts for the other items in her room. Remember this is a hypothetical "her." This is just a way to get my mind off the boys, {who left me a week ago today}. :(

I already have this green cubby with zebra bins... I will also be adding these bins to complete her room...

I saw these months ago and LOVED them! How cute are they!? Didn't buy them because I didn't really have a need for them- well I do now. {so, I guess it is not really a need since this is all hypothetical and all} lol

Ok, so I have to give all my self control to not buy and decorate this room. Maybe one day, Lord willing, I can, but for now, I have to restrain myself!!


  1. OMG!! I want those bins. Can you please tell me where you get those? They would be perfect for the kids room.

  2. i have the blue cubby with turq and orange bins and the lion in the middle in my babies playroom... i love it!!!