Monday, July 19, 2010

Rookie of the Year

I hope y'all enjoyed Mr. Incredible's previous post. I am encouraging him to continue- esp during this time as a way to get out his emotions. Before I get to the title of this post- let me go off for a second...

... We are looking into our mourningmoon trip to Boston! It is earlier than we would like/anticipated, but we think it can work out. We will be saving pennies for it, but it will work our in the end I believe. ;) We can celebrate our birthdays, (Mr. Incredible turns the big 3-0), mourn the boys, and have one last babymoon- all at the same time. I am looking forward to it, 1. because I love Boston, and 2. because today I was in Walmart without the boys and was so sad. I kept seeing Toy Story things that I had planned to buy them, that now I can't. I would see birthday party items and would be sad I couldn't celebrate with them. I NEED a vacay after they leave! A little break from reality where I can mourn and move on, (in a sense), all at the same time, ya know?

...back to the title...

I have had tons of experience with kids. Tons. I was the oldest of 4 kids, have babysat regularly since I was 12, worked with kids for the school district during college, my degree is basically in child development, and most recently I was a nanny, (not to mention when I am with my mommy friends, I pick their brains for advice and watch how they "mommy" their kids). I think it is safe to say without being cocky that I have a degree in parenting. Now that doesn't mean I know everything, (for instance, having say a teaching degree does not mean you are a good teacher- it just means you are prepared to take on the job. Does this make sense?) Anyway, since I have this "degree," I have been helping Mr. Incredible along through the years. Whenever we would babysit or see a child in a store etc, I would explain how to handle the discipline in that situation, if the behavior was age appropriate etc. I always knew he would make a great dad one day, but he didn't have his "degree" like I did- it could take him a lil while to get the hang of it.

Anyone have humble pie, cause I need a slice, nay- the whole thing?! Mr. Incredible has officially earned his blog nickname, and the award of Rookie of the Year. I have just been in awe of what a good dad he is! Seriously, in awe. I know he learned from the best, and let me tell you, it shows. Next time I see his dad- he is getting a huge hug from me! I have always been thankful for being married to Mr. Incredible. He loves the Lord with all his heart- even more than he loves me, he loves me second only to Christ, and loves me passionately, he is a handy man if there ever was one, and the list goes on and on. I ALWAYS KNEW he would make an amazing dad- but this early in the game? I am amazed and more in love than ever with my Rookie. :)

Mr. Incredible, the committee for Dad of the Year called- they said the award is yours IF you can become a diaper changing champ. ;) I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, AND I AM SO BLESSED TO BE MARRIED TO YOU. Even if you HATE changing diapers. ;)

Now for some pics:
We took the boys to Kemah on Sunday. Love this one of Buzz. :)
Mommy and Buzz on the Ferris Wheel.

Woody and his entourage. Our BFFs and neighbors- "Aunt" Elise and "Uncle" James. The boys love them and they love the boys. {BTW, about a month ago I mentioned a friend who basically got infertility news- this was her. I am thrilled to say they just completed all their adoption classes and are almost done with the process. They WILL be parents soon!!} :)

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  1. sounds like you guys have really been going thought a bittersweet time. :( ill be praying. dont give up hope. its clear you were meant to be a mommy and all good and wonderful great things come to those who wait.