Monday, August 23, 2010

Candy and Cardboard

Be sure to check out my post below from earlier today. I am quite proud of it. :) I am not feeling well, so I am up late. I usually refuse to post twice in one day, but seeing as there is not much else to do...

Here are a few more art projects I have made for the new playroom:

These first two projects I had two old frames and used the backs to make:
Candyland artwork! I LOVE the papers around the CL boxes!

I had an extra canvas laying around, so I threw on some cute paper and letters, and voila!
I didn't make this today, Mr. Incredible made this awhile back. I HAD to keep it, but it needed to be candylanded. ;)
This I bought at a store, but it too needed to be candylanded today. :)

After my success with my Cardboard Cross, I decided to try some more cardboard creations:
Leftover cardboard from a poster...
Yummy! and free! Can't beat that!! {yes, I did have to buy the papers- which I did last week, but this saved me from having to spend $ at HL for a canvas}

Cardboard project #2:The cardboard from the bottom of our water bottle "box." See the circles? ;)
I printed out some pics of candy with cute black boarders, but then I decided to use this cardboard, so I had to improvise...
When making patterns make sure to storyboard your idea first!
TADA! I feel the white is too white, but no other color would work... too much color already ya know? Still think it turned out pretty cute!

Cardboard project #3:
Hmm, what could this box be used for?
I cut it out to be the background for these super cute cupcake papers!

I am pretty sure all the wall art is done in this room. I have a special piece which I am actually paying for {gasp} which I will order soon. I will unveil that once I finish the room. :) I am so excited for this piece!!

On the agenda tomorrow, (if I feel up to it), repaint the playroom! Goodbye orange and teal, hello neutral tan! :)


  1. You are so talented! I love the candyland theme too. Great job! :)

  2. Oh boy...that room make me want to go raid the candy aisle! :-)