Friday, August 20, 2010

In the Jungle, The Mighty Jungle

First of all...

Happy THIRTIETH birthday to my very best friend in the whole wide world! THIRTY years ago today, my THIRTY year old husband was born! I am so happy and grateful that THRITY years ago today, God chose Mr. Incredible to be born! He is such a blessing to our family! He is strong- spiritually and physically, passionate, loves us deeply, hardworking, and is THIRTY years old. Mr. Incredible, even though you are THIRTY, people still ask us if we are high schoolers. I guess that is a good thing! Ha! You may be THIRTY but apparently you look 18! I love you old man!! I love you more than you will ever comprehend!!

{I know 30 is not old. Most of my friends are in their 30s. I get to pick on him because 1. it is my duty as his wife to pick on him about this, especially considering I am only 24, and 2. all those said friends always say that I am a baby since I am so young, so I have to get my revenge the only way I can} ;)

Cool piece of Keierleber trivia: When Mr. Incredible was 6 years old, he trusted Christ as his Savior. That same year, I was born. Coincidence? Of course not!! :) I was created just for him! Thanks God for that one! :)

Now the moment you have all been waiting for, I give you The Safari Room:
I LOVE IT!!! I can't wait to tuck in our little girl one day!
So nice and symmetrical. Mr. Incredible took off the door, so when he puts it back on, it will cover up the right canvas. :/
I still love my cardboard cross! :)
I almost forgot a shot of the floor- Bolt decided he needed to be in the pic too. :)

Back to the beginning. When I first began the redo, I took pics as a how-to, but never posted them. Here ya go:
Yes, there are 3 diff colors on my walls. I painted 2 walls a light tan and left 2 the original color- with plans on painting them a diff color all together, (ie pink, blue, etc). You can imagine my frustration after all the hard work that it was barely darker than the original color, (the left wall is slightly darker than the other one). SO, I decided to just get a darker tan and paint over both walls. MUCH BETTER! It took me about 2.5 hours to paint the whole room. That includes the prep work, (taking off socket covers), and climbing up and down the ladder during painting- that is why it is nice to have a friend- would have sliced my time in half!

How-to decoupage:
First cut all the papers you want to use, and gather materials.
Do you remember this shelf I made a year ago for the original bird room? I left it just as it was, but I decoupaged over the birds. Continue the patchwork pattern, and...
Voila, brand new look! There was too much white so I added a little red glitter to break it up.
This turned out so much better than I had imagined it.

Very important tip: always keep a helper near at hand. ;)

The shelf turned out so cute, that I decided to use my left over paper and decoupage the green cube shelf.

My favorite brush for decoupaging!
Here is a little how-to patchwork... Where to put the cheetah?
In my head I thought it would go nicely here, but see how close it is the all the other cheetahs?
Ahhh, much better! What goes next to it, (and on top of the zebra a bit)? The giraffe print of course. :)
The finished product. I liked it even more than the shelf!!
Mr. Incredible was putting together the red/pink IKEA nightstand,and look where Bolt decided to sit. RIGHT IN THE WAY! HA!
A dear friend gave me some hand-me-downs. ♥ These are more of the hangers I got from Target- 2/$1!

Now I am off to work on the playroom... What I am working on right now may be the COOLEST thing I have ever made- IF it works out the way I am picturing it of course. HA! We shall see!

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