Thursday, August 12, 2010

Snug as a Bug

This is quite unusual for me. I usually do a full room reveal and then add different elements later. For this room, I have been showing you bits and pieces. Maybe I will save the full reveal for when it is complete?

Before I get to that, we have decided on a name. Now most of you picked Caroline. We love that name. We would call her Sweet Caroline after the song. You know, the one they jam to during every game at Fenway Park. ;)

BUT, we are going with Ann Marie. Here is why. We have been back and forth about this name for years. The whole dilemma about the book has been part of it. The reason I named the girl Ann Marie in the book was that I had picked that name for our child to come and then decided against it.

When I originally made up her name, I chose Ann because my mom's mom's middle name was Ann, and my dad's bio mom was Ann. My dad's mom's name is Marie, as well as Marie being my middle name. When I went to write the book, I chose Ann Marie because it showcases an adoptee's life. Ann= birth mother, Marie= mom.

Now that the book is published and Ann Marie came back into the running. How cool would it be for Ann Marie to bring the book to class as a book report and it be about her? :)

I was on the fence with the two names so I asked for your votes. Thank you SO much for voting! So what pushed me over the edge?

I asked Mr. Incredible which name he preferred a few days ago, and he was indifferent. I said it would be nice to refer to her by name, and he said he wanted to get her first. Ok. Then yesterday, we were emailing back and forth and he said, "Once we get Annie..."

So, not only is he calling our little girl by name, but he is already nicknaming her. Yeah, Ann Marie is here to stay! :) Seeing him write "Annie" was all I needed to make my decision!

Now, just a reminder- as much as I want to start monogramming etc now, I am waiting. We may get an older child, we may like her given name, or we may see her and think that Ann Marie is not a fit for her. But it sure is nice to call her by name for now. :)

Ok, back to the post...

Before the room part- REAL QUICK, I promise-

Yesterday I went for a walk with Bolt at 12:30. It was hot to say the least. We barely made it around the corner and he was already exhausted. Not good. I needed to keep going for the exercise, but I didn't want to kill my baby, ya know? So, I looped around and did what any good mommy would do. Bolt HATES the kennel, and equally as much, he hates being away from me, so leaving him at home was not an option. So, I gave him a drink, I held him under the facet outside to wet him down, and I placed him in the boys' double stroller.
Yes, I was the freak who pushed her dog around the neighborhood for a hour in a double CHILD stroller. He loved it though, and it allowed me to not feel guilty about the unbearable heat! As silly as I felt, you better believe I will do this again for the same reason! :)

Now back to the room:

I LOVE! I have bought a cute rug from there as well as our 1,000 TC sheets. The best part about, besides that everything is heavily discounted: shipping is a flat rate of $2.95! So when you purchase a rug that when rolled is over 5 feet long and weighs over 5lbs- you pay only $2.95! That also goes for furniture!

Ok, so I bought 2 rugs for Annie's room. First let me show you the amazing quality:
Look at how nice and thick it is...Look at the matting on the bottom...

For the same price, if not more, I am not sure, I bought this rug from Garden Ridge:
It is very thin and rough...
No matting on the bottom.

For the same price, if not less, I got an infinitely better made rug!! rocks!

For those of you out there they say you cannot decorate, here are a few tips for you. For me, decorating does not always go according to plan, and sometimes I have to settle:
Here is how the rug was originally placed before the other rug arrived... {ps Bolt thinks this room is for him apparently. He never leaves the bed! lol Also, ignore all my craft gear around the room, it is still a work in progress after all}
This is how I would like to place them, with one problem. This adorable, (, leopard rug, is even thicker than the zebra rug! Where it is now, the door would get stuck on it. Not good at all.

So, I had to make a few changes. After Mr. Inredible came home to move the furniture around...

The rug is not where I would like it. I would LOVE it to be right when you enter the room. It looks nicer that way, but as I said, it is too thick! :/ Sometimes you gotta just make it work!

All I am waiting on is to purchase the wall decor and her room will be complete. I have to wait till Mr. Incredible gets paid again, and then I will buy them! Yea! :) {Dave Ramsey would be so proud} ;)

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