Sunday, August 8, 2010

Preview of Things to Come

Thanks for all your opinions on my hair. I agree that this hair style is the best.
I am thinking though that I am going to continue to grow out my hair- just to get that out of my system. When I cut it like this back in March, I vowed to keep it this way since I liked it so much. Every time I do that I wonder about growing out my hair. SO, I am going to give it a shot- though I have a feeling I bet I will end up back with this hair style again. :) {so I am very glad to know that y'all like that style!! lol}

This last week, I have been a busy bee. We just got back from visiting my dad in San Antonio, and before we left, I had a visit from the decorating fairy. Here is a preview of that:
Yes, I have ZERO self control! Well, I take that back. A few weeks ago when I began playing with this idea, I controlled myself and did not purchase anything at that time!

As you know, we were going to go on a "mouringmoon." As much as I still think it would be nice, and it is kinda necessary, I had a better idea.

"Babe, what if we skip the trip and get a baby instead?"

That is what we are doing folks! We are pursuing a little girl, ages 0-35 months. We are still holding out for her brothers, Woody and Buzz to come home, but for now we are preparing for her arrival!

We would appreciate your prayers over her!

More of her room reveal tomorrow!

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