Monday, August 9, 2010

Savage Garden

Here is a piece of art that I made for our little girl's room. The full reveal of her room will come soon. :)
Sometimes I recycle to save money...
it needed a good blue backdrop...
Illustrations from my book. Quote is too perfect- will elaborate in a minute! "I knew I loved you before I met you. I think I dreamed you into life." Savage Garden- from what like 12 years ago!? {notice that the mom and dad were modeled after Mr. Incredible and me}
I am sitting on the floor in her room blogging and I keep looking up and seeing it. This is my view, and it makes me smile! :)

"I dreamed you into life." Though it is no ones' business, I will fill you in on what exactly we are waiting on in regards to our little princess. We have asked she be 0-35 months, and that she be black.

85% of the system is black, and sadly, no one requests black children.

When I talked to the agency, the man I talked to was reviewing my request from email. He said, "Ok, so you want her to be black." "Yes..." "PRAISE JESUS!!"

Now I work with a Christian agency, so his praise was genuine. BUT, how sad is it that he has to make that praise? He was so happy that someone was requesting a black child. It just breaks my heart, but it also showed me that this was indeed God's will for our family.

Considering my book was written around a little black girl, I think it is obvious that she has been on my heart for years. It was nice to have that conversation as confirmation. :)

Skin is just that, SKIN. I do not understand that hold up in this area!! Ugh!! That is why we are choosing her, to show that skin doesn't matter to us. Lord willing, if Woody and Buzz come home, our home will consist of 1/2 Korean daddy, white mommy, 2 hispanic boys, and one black girl. I always joked I wanted an IHOP- International House of People. While all of us come from America, our ethnicities are as diverse as America herself. Isn't that beautiful!?

Mr. Incredible was like, "how cool would it be if she looked just like the girl in your book." Honestly, she probably will, cause after all, I DID dream her into life. ;) Hence the art work. :)

Stepping down from the soap box- I would like your opinion on her name. Real name, not blog name. Her blog name will be Briar Rose for those of you who are curious, (Briar Rose is Sleeping Beauty's name when she is with the fairies).

Anyway, we have a name that we are going with if we can change her name, (depending on her age etc). BUT, Mr. Incredible and I have been back and forth on another name which is why I need your help.

Ann Marie is the name of the little girl in my book. We both have, (at separate times), wanted to name our little girl Ann Marie after the girl in the book. We almost went with it, but then I thought if she has a book about her- will I have to write a book for her other siblings too? That is my hold up. lol

BUT, I already put the pics in the book in her room- so am I going to have to write a book for her siblings anyway? lol

I will not tell you the name we are considering until we decide for or against Ann Marie. We shall see. Opinions appreciated! :)

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