Friday, August 6, 2010

Title TBD

I will get to my visit from the decorating fairy in a later post. For now enjoy the recap from my birthday and then some...
I took this over the weekend. It is the lake behind our house, (still needs to be fully filled up). Anyway, look at how it is reflecting the sky. With this kind of water, this is a rarity, but boy is it gorgeous when it does occur!!
My loot my mom got for me while shopping on my birthday. Starting top left then clockwise- new wallet, new camera bag, (made to be a little purse but how cute is that as a camera bag?!), glasses case and what is that last thing...
Oh, it is a nail kit! How cute is this? :) I sure do love Vera Bradley's Sittin' in a Tree!! :)

Ok, switching gears a bit...
While picking out my VB loot, my mom saw this and wanted to get a shot of me. Ok, barfola here! I look like I weigh 300 LBS!!! BUT, I kept it to ask you a question. You see I curled my hair my whole life up until I chopped it off a few years ago. My hair has actually grown a bit, so I curled it that day. I do not like it like this, but if I were to grow out my hair longer I would continue to curl my hair like this as I did growing up.
Here is a picture of my hair NOT styled. Like at all. Just brushed that morning, and this was at like 8PM yesterday. So, as you can see, it is getting long. Should I grow it out, keep it this length or go back to this hairstyle below...

I really very much liked my hair like this, and I still have short bangs, but I wear them when I feel like it.

I need you opinion!!! I just CAN'T find a way that I like my hair! Be honest please and help a sister out!!!


  1. Grow it long! As long as that doesn't cause you to wear it in a pony every day....

  2. Right now I'm loving long hair too.

  3. HI Hi! I know- it would be so beyond cool to meet in Boston one day!!!!! We'll just have to work on making that happen ;) In a way, I'm glad you didn't end up using it for your 'moon. Boston is like "home" to both of us, but I think using this instance to hunker down and wait to go to Boston for a happier reason was a fine move. I've not been able to comment for a bit, but I've been reading and crying and praying for you guys. XOXO to both of you and know that your strength and trust in God is so very inspiring to me!!!!

    On to girly stuff- I like the bangs photo the best out of all these (not to say the other 2 are bad by any means!!) something about the way the bangs frame your face make you look even cuter with bangs. As for length- the short look is cute and I think it frames your face well, but then again your wedding photos with all that hair are stunning!! I'm kinda stuck here- big help I am! ;)

  4. I love the way your hair looks at the book signing! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It suits you! I was just thinking last night I'm chopping mine off. Long hair is too much work, it just ends up in a pony tail.