Monday, August 30, 2010

Sweetpea's Surprise

I love that Mr. Incredible has every other Friday off. That is one of my excuses for not posting since Thursday. Excuse two, two words: Play room. Excuse three, I have been helping my BFF decorate her nursery! She is so close to adopting!! :)

No news really on our adoption side. Please keep praying, and thank you for all the prayers already!!

As I was walking into church on Sunday morning, I got a call from Sweetpea Beauty's foster mom. She asked if I would like for Sweetpea to come to church with me. UM, YEAH!! So, Sunday morning I got to show off my, (Lord willing), daughter to be to my church family. :)One of the youth snapped this with her phone. I would love to have left it plain, but I can't show her face, so I had to do art work to it. If you look, you can see she is touching my face and she is looking up at me. Love this picture, (before artwork of course). :) {oh and had I known I would be photographed with her, I would have worn my hair down and some makeup! That's what I get for working on candyland art till 2 AM!}

Now you all know that I am not making her up! lol Please keep praying!! Off to work more on the playroom! Look for completed Candyland Playroom pics this week! :)

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