Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chocolate Hair, Vanilla Care

I've got some scandalous news, don't give up, read on till you find it...

I heard about a blog by the above name years ago and my friend Ivy recently reminded me of it. I need to read it again-badly!

I just love love love Annie's hair. It is completely different from my own, and I still have a lot to learn in caring for it.

The main reason my hair is brown is for her. I learned from the afore mentioned blog that chocolate girls ;) tend to dislike their hair, etc. So, I went natural in the hopes to teach her to be happy with the way God made her. :)

Y'all, I have some infuriating news! I will not say who because I don't want to hurt this  person's feelings and I would ask that if you're family,(on either side, I'm not saying which), please don't talk about this amongst yourselves in the chance that the guilty party could hear and feel bad.

Ok, recently someone who loves Annie very very much washed her hair because they love taking care of her. But, when this person found the back of Annie's head to have pretty bad knots, this person cut her hair.

Yes, CUT.HER.HAIR. Without my permission.

And that's not the worst of it.

This person cut INCHES of Annie's hair off the back of her head ONLY!

Y'all, like a reverse mullet. Their reasons were 2 fold: 1. It was impossible to brush through and 2. It'll be more convenient to do her puffs and have short hair in the back.

Ok, first of all, it takes hours sometimes to brush through chocolate hair! Just today I sat Annie in front of a movie and brushed away. (more on that later) :) This person didn't talk to me to find out that info, they just grabbed the scissors.

Secondly, the puff thing. Yes, I see it would be convenient...IF I was planning on having her hair in puffs her entire life. Once it gets longer I can braid it etc. Right now her free hair looks crazy cause, well, half of it is missing! And braiding us out fur now. I have no choice but to do puffs exclusively for the time being.

I'm asking you not to share this story amongst the family because the person I'm referring to had what they thought was our best interests at heart. I did not tell them how upset I was, and I appreciate it if they didn't find out via this blog or gossip.

That being said, I truly am upset. Not so much at that person, just more that her hair is gone. Annie had 3 BRAIN surgeries in 2011 alone. It took over a year to get her hair to the length it is, only for it to get chopped off. Also, Annie's cyst that was the cause of the 3 surgeries is large but has been stable for the last year. We literally are waiting for symptoms to arise, and we know it will have to be addressed, (hence her hospital visit last weekend). So far so good, but I was hoping the next time her hair was cut was for surgery, not a SECOND sooner! :/

Ok, let's move in a bit. As part of Annie's Aspirations, I committed to taking a deliberate photoshoot of Annie at least once a month, and I committed to buying her flowers for that shoot. Hence why I was brushing her hair so well today. :)

I took 2 pics of pics off my camera to show...when we get the internet I'll post the real pics. :)

I also took prep pics...Annie playing in the ginormous tub, (yes I'm in love!), and Annie's hair to try and show you the disaster! One pic is of the back of her head with one lone curl- that was how long her hair was! :( Another pic had her hair parted to show the difference, while another is a side shot and the strange line of sjin you see is her shunt, (in case you were wondering). :)

And I included the Annie inspired "art"piece from yesterday simply because I just love her hair-in real love and in paint. :)

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