Sunday, June 3, 2012


I was most surprised to find granite in our laundry room. We bought a house that was half way done being built so we pretty much got what the builder wanted to do. I have zero complaints! :)

You will notice our washer/dryer are missing. The dryer just hasn't been moved yet, but our washer died.

Yes, in the middle of all of our house drama our washer died. Our 3 year old washer! I'm a wee bit annoyed that I can't do laundry in my own house {remember we don't have credit cards and we just bought our second house I two months so we have to save for one}.

BUT, I'm excited to start using my laundry room- its pretty cheery. :) The.decor was for my craft room that I had to give up to get this house. I wasn't thrilled about getting rid of the decor since I spent money on it, {it was originally for a nursery circa 2009/2010 :)}.

I gave it a go in this room and I'm pretty happy with it. I know the main curtain fabric is sewing themed, but I love it! (I purchased it about a year ago for my craft room but wasn't able to use it yet) Besides being irresistibly cute and fun, it helped break up the green and blue bird theme I had going on.

As with the rest of the house, official pics of this room will come soon. :)

Oh, and don't forget to catch a glimpse of Sweetpea-she's always at my feet. :)

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  1. super cute!! i love that fabric. im always drawn to it in the store. she is so cute!