Monday, June 25, 2012

Post Op

Annie's past surgeries were supposed to take 45 min-an hour. Within 20 minutes the Dr would come in and announce he was done.

Today we had a new Dr at a new hospital. He told us surgery would take a few hours. I asked if he was certain, he said he was. I was still paranoid when we left the hospital.

It did in fact take hours, 3 hours.

The surgery was to cut in, to cut her cyst, add a shunt. They were also going take out her other 2 shunts. So that would be 3 incisions/brain entries and an incision in her abdomen.

Surgery went great. They ended up taking out one of her shunts, (it had 2 catheters and they took both out). They left the other shunt though because it had collapsed a cyst which has stayed collapsed. :) She has many cysts, so one less is gold! (and they didn't have to cut her abdomen so yea). :)

She had a huge cyst with a few smaller ones around it. Thankfully, the Dr believes the smaller ones are communicating with the large one so we're all hoping when the large one shrinks, the smaller ones will to.

She'll have a follow up MRI tomorrow to make sure everything is working well.

Her recovery is usually super smooth. Not today. By the time she gets back to the room she's usually sitting up, eating, etc. Today she feels like garbage still. :( Pray she'll feel better soon!

We cut her hair pre surgery and it turns out they shaved half her head. :( My beautiful baby is temporarily bald. :(


  1. So glad that surgery went well! Lots of prayers still heading your way! Even though that had to shave her head, she's still a beauty without hair :)

  2. Oh Annie :-(! Sorry to hear about the surgery, but I'm so glad that the Lord blessed it!