Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saying Goodbye

Ok, so Annie will have surgery, ON HER BRAIN, on Monday. Yeah, nerve racking, no question.

But Sunday may bring Mommy some tears. Completely insane tears no doubt.

We have to cut Annie's hair. :( The reason I did the hair post last week is because I had a feeling surgery was coming soon- not this soon-but soon.
We have been growing her hair since it was last shaved in February 2011.

I am not ready to part with it!

I know it's crazy. My baby girl is facing brain surgery! I shouldn't care about anything but that, but Sunday I'll say goodbye to her hair.

Monday I'll worry about her, believe me, but tomorrow I'll she'd a tear or two over her hair.

Thankfully I have a ton.of flowers and headbands so she'll be hooked up! ;)

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