Thursday, June 14, 2012


10 points if you get my "extractification" reference. ;)

Annie update: her CT looks the same, so we're just watching her to see if symptoms arise, if not she's fine.

HOWEVER, we found via xray, (she was exhibiting zero symptoms), that there was a back of an earring up her nose! She never puts anything in her mouth even, so this was a shock to us! They just removed it with ease, praise God!

God is crazy faithful...this is not the first time we've gone to the hospital only to find we needed to be there for other reasons- only God!

An even bigger miracle occurred this time around...

I am leery about taking/giving medications, etc. Annie has had so many cts in her short life, it's a wonder why she is not glowing from the radiation. ;)

A friend of mine who has a baby girl with hydrocephalus too feels the same way about  meds and cts, etc. I spoke with her yesterday and she said I should request an MRI instead of a CT. Genius!

Well, I forgot to follow her suggestion.

Praise God I forgot! Her otherwise very wise and welcomed advice would have actually caused damage in this situation, (though it's advice I plan to follow in the future cause it is a good idea). :)

MRI machines are giant magnets. You have to remove everything that's medal from your body before entering the room!

Just thinking about what shape her little nose would be in had we done the MRI...

Let's just say, PRAISE GOD! Seriously brings me  to tears...terrifying thought. PRAISE GOD! He is just too good sometimes! Well, all the time. :)

Here is a pic of her enjoying a lollipop after her extractification. ;) She's had other lollipops before, but she hasn't taken to any, until now! We WILL be buying dum dums at the store to keep on hand at home as treats! :)

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  1. I LOVE how God intervened here...and am thankful they found the earring back.
    We had to write on Colson's medical release forms (for almost 6 months, until it "cleared" )...
    "Please do not give an MRI...has a coin in him." :)
    I'm so thankful for God's protection when you were at the hospital.