Sunday, June 10, 2012

Two Point Five

Today Sweetpea turns 2 and a half years old! In 6 short months we'll have a 3 year old! I can.not. believe it!

She is such an immense joy, and is ridiculously well behaved, (remember how well are adjusted to sleeping alone this week? Come to find out, she's cutting her top 2 year molars- while transitioning like a champ! I'm telling you she'd win a contest...).

I posted this picture yesterday in a group, but it deserves to be alone. I love how she's playing away, having a blast, basking in her 2 (now 2.5) year old glory. You'll see much more of her friend here. Sweetpea is older than her by a month! It's safe to say they'll be bffs before long!

I am in awe that God chose us to be her parents- what did we ever do to deserve such a gift?! God is ridiculously good and we are ridiculously blessed!

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