Monday, December 10, 2012

3 Year Old Photoshoot

It is very rare that Annie is uncooperative with anything. And of course she chooses the rarity to occur during her birthday photoshoot! lol
She didn't want to stand, (hadn't stood since Thursday and was a bit nervous), so she chose to act up. Oh well, with my new camera I was able to catch a few smiles when she didn't realize she was smiling. ;)
I bought her Gingerbread girl shirt last year when it was marked down to like $2! We celebrated her birthday in November, and her party is this Saturday, so I didn't have anything really planned for today. But, come on, I had to do something! So, I grabbed her shirt, bought some premade gingerbread men for decorating, (post tomorrow) and bought her a stuffed gingerbread girl from Walmart for $3. Ha! Best $3 spent! ;)
 She loves Shrek, so all gingerbread people are Gingy! She loved all of her Gingy stuff! Score for mommy!

 Gingy got her to smile :)

This 3 year old beauty just kills me!

 She's so beautiful, that even when she is uncooperative, I can still get beautiful shots!

Cuddling with Gingy after the shoot:

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