Monday, December 10, 2012


Today this blog turns 5 years old! Here is my debut post from 5 years ago. :)
In much more important news, our itty bitty baby turns 3 years old today!
Praise Jesus for this day! We weren't there when she was born, but we're so thankful we get to celebrate with her from her first to her hundredth! ;)
Here is Annie, 2 years ago today, on her first birthday!
Literally days prior, she finally learned how to do this tripod sit. Now she is working on walking- has even taken multiple, independent steps! (also to be noted, she only has her bottom two teeth) :)
She is such a miracle and unending joy! I can't even begin to express how much I love her and my gratefulness to Jesus for choosing us for her!

I have been catching up on making photobooks on Shutterfly, having to go back to January 2011- mere weeks after this pic was taken. With the exception of a few months in 2010, going through these pictures has brought me through her entire time with us.

Time flies.

Cliche, but can you think of a better way to say it? Neither can I.

Time is a bitter, cruel thief.

I feel like I don't even remember her back then. I love love love the stage she is in now, but I wish I could remember her better. I HAVE to start bringing out my actual video camera to keep from forgetting!

I have been a weepy sap over the last few days looking at all of those old pics. Pieces of my heart on my computer screen.  She turns 3 today. I can't even believe it. *tear*

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