Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Veggie Tales Party: Cake Smash

First some pics of her blowing out her candle- it was a bit of a fight for her. ;)
At all of Annie's parties, Annie has ignored her smash cake. This year we finally had success! You will see many pics of her eating, then some fun cake covered pics. ;)

Success! lol
She was diving right in! She is the neatest little girl, so I was shocked...but it was just for show because she then waited for a fork. Such a little lady! 

hurry up Daddy!

I have to convince this child to use her hands! she's such a neat lady...
Mommy, there is icing on my hands!

Larry looked hungry so she hooked him up! ;)

You go...
Get it girl!

Smash cake results... what can you expect from a neat little lady... not much! lol Here is the best we can get- she's completely clean- just with some caked on lipstick icing. ;)

Saturday morning, Annie let us sleep in till 11! Her party was supposed to be from 10-12! lol
As a treat she got to have cake for breakfast in mommy and daddy's bed! 

While she is super clean and rarely drops food, she regularly hooks up her brother by throwing him a morsel or two. ;)

envious brother lol


  1. Cake in bed? Yummy! I was shocked to see her eating w a fork and then I remembered shes 3, duh! What bedding is at her feet? I love all the colors!

  2. Very cute! Love the green lips :)!