Sunday, December 16, 2012

Goin' with the Flow

On Friday, the day of the tragedy, I was prepping for Annie's party.
With a messy house. And hours of party prep left.
You see, I was dealing with my two weeks of nausea, (since September, 2 weeks every month- can't wait to go to Dr to sort out my hormones!), and Paul had hurt his foot, (like pretty badly, we have spent all weekend in bed- literally). We weren't able to get the house cleaned in the week leading up to the party.
It was just way too much to do. I had to make the decision to cancel Annie's party.
I felt like a terrible mom, but sometimes your sanity has to come first! And in the light of the morning's events, well, it just wasn't a priority. And thankfully Annie had no idea that we were canceling her party. Obviously if she were more aware, we would not have cancelled, (not to mention she had a party in November, so technically we already celebrated her birthday).
While we didn't have an official party, we did party- post tomorrow! I have been trying to post since Friday, but the Internet wouldn't let me. After I hit post on this one, I will be attempting to get tomorrow's post ready- if the Internet continues to cooperate!
Here is a sneak peek of the party. I sat Annie on my lap to take a pic, and the second Paul held up the camera, she did this:
Like I said, in the light of that morning's events, having a pic like this is, well, priceless! I love her so much, and I think it is apparent she loves me too! ;)

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