Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mommy Frustration

I'm a bit tired.
As a mother of a special needs angel, it gets tiring expressing miracles in the life of your child when people think nothing of them.
As I wrote a few days back, Annie has not spent much time in her walker and she is improving everyday. She even took steps all by herself. MIRACLE.
I will tell people about this and the first thing they say is, "without her walker/braces?!"
No. With her braces/walker.
Here is where my frustration sets in.  In order for Annie's mobility to be a miracle, people expect to see her walking completely independently.
Ok- for years people went around almost blind until glasses were invented. If glasses didn't exist, how many people would have huge issues with seeing, some of which would become blind?  Most of the population is my guess!  We don't look at those with glasses as, "well that is cool they can see with their glasses, but I will be impressed when they can see without them."
Or what about all of those heart touching videos of kiddos that were hard of hearing and are given hearing aids for the first time?  They HEAR. We don't shrug and say, "big deal, I'd be impressed if they could hear without the aid."
Why is Annie walking with braces and a walker any different?
Her body will never heal, it can grow stronger, but the damage done is permanent.  Her being able to walk- especially considering how quickly she is doing it-is a huge miracle! Yes, even with the assistance of her walker/braces!
A little girl I know is a few months older than Annie.  At Annie's birthday party in Houston she asked her mommy why Annie couldn't walk. Great teaching opportunity. Well, sweet E starting praying for Annie's healing and ability to walk! Days later Annie took her first steps.  How cool is it that Annie's miracle is a lesson for sweet E about God answering our prayers?! E also had been praying for Annie's healing. As I said, healing is not possible. This damage is permanent.
This is a great lesson for her- and YOU reader- that God answers our prayers even if they occur in different ways than we wanted.
Annie's body will never heal, BUT because of technology, she is able to walk!
That's healing in my book!
Just like glasses and hearing aids, Annie is able to do things that her body can't do alone!
How is this not a miracle?!
If Annie relies on braces for the rest of her life, does it make her ability to walk less of a miracle?
She is walking- who cares what is helping her?!
Here are pics of Annie coloring and watching Annie- all while standing. This miracle never gets old to me! :)
Note: she is wearing this outfit on this blog for the third day in a row, but she only wore it twice this week. :) Come on, we all do it! ;)

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