Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Decorating Gingy

Annie's first time decorating gingerbread men on her birthday yesterday. :)
Note: I am in the middle of decorating for her party Saturday, so my house is a disaster. Please ignore everything behind Annie. ;)
Also, I bought these gingerbread premade. I am about to be knee deep in party food- I didn't have time or energy to make them myself. :)

 "I'm makin' dots!"

Then I gave her sprinkles...

 oops! ruined cookies?...
 Believe it or not, but all those sprinkles were delicious... Annie told me so because I wouldn't know from experience. I most certainly did not switch my gingerbread for hers. Nope, not me. What kind of selfish mom do you think I am? ;)


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