Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mobility Miracle

I cannot express how much I love this picture. I posted it to Facebook, made it my profile picture, and then had to post it again because it is so miraculous... 

I wasn't exaggerating when I made this post- Annie's life changed in an instant!
You know those YouTube videos where a child is given a hearing aid for the first time? We all cry along with the mom thinking to ourselves, "could you imagine being that mom?! Seeing your child do the impossible!"
Well, I was that mom.  Tuesday November 20, I stood there and saw my child stand alone for the first time. Ever.
I just kept covering my mouth in disbelief as I smiled widely saying to the PT and Orthotics Dr, "Oh my goodness! Look at her! Y'all, this really is amazing! She's STANDING {insert giggle}!"
I felt silly. They see this everyday I'm sure. Nothing new to them. So I held back a bit.
Then they wanted to see her walk.  I did not expect anything- if I did, I would have caught it on video, and believe me I regret not videoing it!
They showed me how to guide her properly, and after I guided a few steps, she took a few on her own, (now I was still holding her, but she moved her hips instead of me moving them, and she moved her feet while I moved her walker).
It was another moment that I didn't understand the gravity of the situation.  My child just took her first steps! I contained myself at the moment- it was a lot to register- but as I have looked back on that day over the last few weeks I have been blown away.
Y'all- she is improving, every time she puts on her braces!
After that first day, she wore them to church. She stood during the whole sermon, and took guided steps in her walker for her friends after church. All the while I was telling her to move her walker.
The next day in PT, she walked with assistance and we told her to move her walker.
Wednesday at PT, she walked with assistance and moved her walker herself.
This past Sunday she stood during the whole sermon again. After church I brought her to the front where tile is and let her show off for one of her friends.
Sit down, I don't know if you are ready for this one...
She took steps, completely by herself!
She pushed up on her braces, (which we had never shown her- she just knew to do it), and she was able to lift her foot herself and proceed to take steps, all while moving her walker. While she took steps that day in the Dr's office, this was the first time she fully walked. ALL BY HERSELF.
Another moment that I am kicking myself for not having my camera!
She walked for a bit, (as in she took more than a few steps- it was not a fluke).
I could.not.wait. for PT on Monday for Annie to show off.  We got off to a slow start. She just didn't want to show off.  So, we bribed and begged and guided her arms to push, and she starting walking all by herself. We tried to count, (since therapists have to take notes), and we count she took at least 24 steps... the first 8 or so were with guided arms since she didn't want to walk, but the rest were all her!
After PT, I pulled out our coffee table, and had her stand and color. She did for about 2 hours, when I finally made her sit because I didn't want to push her body. She wasn't happy with me. ;) She loves standing!
Yesterday she did NOT want to walk, and threw a fit! But it wasn't a toddler, "I don't wanna," fit it was more out of fear.  She has exhibited some fear with her walker, and I guess yesterday just was one of those days.
I hugged her, (while she stood in her walker), and I made her calm down in her walker. I stepped back and told her to walk to me and then she could color at her table.
I had to force her to walk, but I was not about to let her fear/her toddler desires win. She had to at least take a few steps to give mommy a hug, and then she could color.
She stood and colored/painted for at least another 2 hours. 
For lunch I asked her if she wanted to sit on the couch and eat, and she said, "no, I want to stand at my table."  So, she ate standing. :)
My back was hurting that day, so instead of working on her party stuff, I decided to work on computer stuff in my bed.  So finally we retreated to my room, but I think she would have stood all day if I had let her.
I am in awe of how quickly she is improving!  This really is a miracle!
Praise Jesus for this technology that allows her to walk when she shouldn't be able to!

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