Saturday, December 8, 2012

Disney Bounding Annie

Have you heard of Disney Bound?
It is a blog that takes Disney looks and makes them with everyday clothes. You can be "in costume" anywhere, without looking like a freak in costume. I LOVE IT!
I painted this painting of Annie for her grandparents for Christmas, but I quickly became jealous...
 Her MaMa loves roses, so I put her in roses, and happened to pick a yellow dress.
As soon as I finished it, I became jealous and possessive because I had unknowingly DisneyBounded Annie as Belle.
Luckily, I had extra canvases laying around, so I made my own Annie Belle. :) That is what I call it, and Annie loves it!  She officially has a new nickname. :)
 Our sweet, Annie Belle :)
I am constantly asked how I can manage crafting and mothering at the same time. 
Honestly, it is all because of Annie. She is so easy going!
Here she is last week while I was crafting- watching a movie on the couch with a lollipop. :) She wanted her picture taken:

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