Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Boys and the Outdoors

I just can't express how happy I am right now. I am so glad God allowed me to see my glass as half full- well, mostly full right now! :) I am after all, a Mommy to be! :) Check out yesterday's post for more info there! :)

However, I am also a little heartbroken. I know 6 marriages in my cohort, (around my age, married less than 5 years), that have broken up/are breaking up/on the verge of breaking up. 6 is a HUGE number really. So sad. I am praying for all of you. Blog readers, please join me in praying for these couples. Some need prayers of salvation, some need prayers of healing, and some need prayers for strength to stay together.

In fun news, Mr. Incredible is ALMOST done installing our sprinkler system! He is doing 9 zones- which is a lot! He has done 8 and he has ONE MORE to go!!! He has done it all by himself with the exception of one zone his dad was able to help him on. I am so proud of my hubz- and so very thankful too in light of my 6 friends mentioned above.

With only one zone to go, he wanted to test them all out, and wanted me to get pics {for the blog} ;). Ok, whatever, I will cause he is so proud, but I am SO glad I did...
LOVE this picture!!! Isn't it the best pic to sum up all his hard work!?! Oh, and he is pointing at Bolt...
Bolt LOVES water and loves the sprinklers!!!
We looked over and he was just sitting there about to get wet. Too funny!

Do you remember the pics from last week of Bolt swinging? Well, last week I was babysitting and I let him go on the playground equipment. I have never let him before in fear he would run off, but since there was 4 of us to chase him, I figured the odds were in our favor. :) {luckily he never did run off} :)

Ok, so in all the pics you can't really see the action, which is the best part. Mr. Incredible and I have always said that Bolt needs to be a show dog or in a movie or something. Check out the video below to see what we mean. :) {ignore my dumb voice! lol does anyone like their voice on film?} Oh, and I didn't even have to teach Bolt to do this- I just encouraged him to keep going up, (as you'll hear- sorry about that), and he did the rest! He is so smart!

This is my first time to post a video! I have a few more to post, (not of Jersey- one from the Red Sox game, and one of the 3 little girls we watched last week). :) Stay tuned!!!


  1. a show dog indeed! The video was great- Bolt is super ready for his first walk in the ring :)

    You have such a timely post for me- we called a friend of ours (who lives half way across the country) last night and were disheartened to discover things with he and his wife are not going well at all. It breaks my heart to hear him questioning what's happening. I've been praying so hard for him and his wife since yesterday and I will certainly add these 6 couples to the list.

    To end on a bright note- how sweet of you to add me to your blog list! I've done the same :)

  2. Great picture of Paul. Very nice.