Monday, May 3, 2010

My glass is half full

So this morning I lamented about Mother's day, but today I am singing a new tune. I CAN celebrate mothers' day this year. Last year I was depressed because we were going to adopt, but we had put it on hold so I was sad thinking about how I was almost a mother.

Well, this year I AM a mom to be. Practically- I am 8/9 months pregnant. Really, we are SO close to getting kiddos in our home! I don't think you really understand how close we are!!! :)

So this mothers day I am going to enjoy it as a Mommy to be! PK is taking me on a day trip to celebrate!
Whether we have met them yet or not- THEY ARE COMING!!! We DO have much to celebrate!!! THANK YOU LORD!!!


  1. Thank you Jesus and may your babes come home soon! I think God has blessed you with the "waiting" of children to truly gain an understanding of the good, the bad, and the ugly of mothering, and you will able to have a humble heart and attitude! Mothering is service to the Lord and you have already served the moms around you so well I know you will do great when it becomes your fulltime job as well!