Friday, May 7, 2010

Soapbox, Sweet Caroline, and Sox

Ok, I must make a correction from my soapbox yesterday. I was reaching from my Spanish class memories back from 8th grade. I knew Mexico's independence day from Spain(?) was @ September 16/19, and I THOUGHT their Independence day from France was May 5th. Obviously I was wrong and it was only a battle. This was all from memory from 10 years ago- so excuse my mistake. :) However, I still stand by the rest of my post! :)

Moving on...

To finish up my week of videos, I have two more. Both from FENWAY PARK!!!! ♥ We miss Boston sooo badly!!!

Have you seen the movie Fever Pitch? Well, it in there is a scene where at Fenway the crowd sings Neil Diamonds song, Sweet Caroline. Well, the whole game I was dying to sing Sweet Caroline. I thought maybe the movie made it seem more exciting than it really was, but the WHOLE stadium sang, and danced, along. It was AWESOME!!! Seriously, one of my fav memories!!! {since I was videoing, I couldn't sing and dance- so Mr. Incredible, you need to take me back so I can really enjoy this song} Oh, and it is hard to see/hear everyone- 10 times better in person!

Ignore the lady- I had the camera in my lap to look not so obvious and apparently she caught me! lol Didn't notice till I watched it later! lol

This next on is of their rally cry. It is so cool- all throughout the game, you will hear this randomly pop up throughout the stadium. When it came out to right field I turned on the camera- this is only like 5 sec, and like the first video- it is hard to hear everyone- 10 times better in person!

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  1. When I saw "Sweet Caroline" come up in your post title, I just knew this was gonna be fun!!!!!

    Guess what?! Our friend (who lives in Alewife just outside Boston) called last night to say he got tickets for Champ, Bear and I to join him in August for a Sox game!!! I'm over the moon with excitement and it will be Bear's first Sox game. OOOOh, I almost (not really) can't wait for summer to speed by until August :)

    Your videos made me get in an excited lather about it that much more ;)