Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fun in Munchkinland

Today was this little one's 3rd bithday!
Happy birthday Abigail Ross!
Mr. Incredible wanted a pic on the slide- too fuzzy. lol
Mr. Incredible running through the obstacle course, (well, falling in a better word lol).
Here I am up front, Joy, (the cutie from a few weeks ago that sang "God is bigger than the Boogeyman"), and one of my besties Elise bringing up the rear.
Us 3 again- here I am helping Joy up the wall. {my shirt was Mr. Incredible's when he was little} :)
Remember Abigail's little brother that I mentioned a few days ago? Well here he is again! :) He and his sister call me Tasha. I love it! Here he is with Mrs. Tasha's glasses!
"Here Mrs. Tasha, your turn."
I know it is from behind, but do you see his smile? Such joy! :)
Trying to put them on. :)

We had a blast today, and we are planning that when the adoption is finalized- we will have a celebration here! Look for invites within the next yearish! :)


  1. Bear would have killed to be here- wow what fun times were had!!!! I love that you call your close friends "besties" just might have to steal that one ;)

    Trot is doing better- thanks so much for your doggy prayers!

  2. Oh how cute! I can't wait to show you pics for Carysse's 3rd b'day. I'm slow at posting on my blog these days....hummm I wonder why?!?