Monday, May 10, 2010

Pictoral Blurbs

For Mother's Day Mr. Incredible took me to the Woodlands. We walked the mall, went to different shops and just talked all day. {what we do all the time. Don't you love having your best friend with you 24/7?} Besides reveling in the day- talking about our kiddos to be- this was the highlight of my mother's day:

"Happy mothers day to the greatest mom to be!!! I don't think I have ever me someone with such a giving heart. I know that when the Lord blesses your family with a child in need of love y'all will give it 300%. I admire your passion for
helping children in need of a loving home and remember y'all are almost there!!!" Thank you SO much Erika!!!! This meant so much!!!

{read below for more on Mother's Day}

Here are some pics from my phone so forgive the quality. :)
Bolt loves me more than anything. Seriously, I am not being conceded or anything- he really does. Not that I am complaining. :) I LOVE IT! Here I am on my computer and Bolt is asleep on my lap and INSISTS his head must be on my arm. How can you blog like this??? :)
Yesterday was Mother's Day. From last Mother's Day, I have 2 things that stick out in my mind.

1. I was really upset and no one knew, except for one friend of mine. She came up to me and gave me a long hug that morning. It was like she knew.

2. I have been at my Cornerstone for 5 Mother's Days now, and every year they give out flowers to the women there. I always got one- even when I was 18, single, and obviously NOT a mom. Last year a friend of ours went to hand me a flower and said, "Oh wait, you are not a mom," and took it back. Yeah, just what I needed last year. Rip my heart out.

Yesterday HE DID THE SAME THING. Except this time he gave it to me because he said that I counted as Bolt's mom. The sad thing is- that morning I had told Mr. Incredible the whole story, so I was shocked he did it again. BUT, what REALLY shocked me was for the fact that he knows more about the adoption than what I write on here- so he knows how close we really are. Very insensitive. If I had not come to the realization earlier this week that I REALLY AM am Mom to Be- I may have punched him in the face and left church crying. BUT since I AM a Mom to be- I smiled and took my flower! Just for my friends at CCBC- there is a good chance you know whom I am speaking- I am not mad at him at all! He needs a little more tact, but I am not mad! lol {if I didn't come to the mom to be realization I probably would be though}

The sermon was about Hannah and being a godly mom. Perfect sermon for me and all the moms there. What I especially liked was how our pastor mentioned that her deep desire to have children was from the Lord and completely natural. We have wanted to adopt for so long- I have wanted it sooo bad- sometimes I wondered if it was an idol. Maybe it was, but it also was very natural.

To sum it all up- I have been Hannah before- not about birth children- but about adoptive children. Now I know it is my time, and I am so grateful and joyful! :)

My last post I mentioned how excited I was about a few things:
Here is Mr. Incredible putting in the last pipe!!! {Notice Bolt over there- we find it so cute that he just plopped down and is sitting pretty}
"Houston, we have water!" Not the first time, but here is the LAST ZONE fired up!!!

Something I COMPLETELY forgot for my last post of exciting things- this would have been #1 had I remembered:
We are so close to being done building our church...
AHHHH!!! We walked inside and I was chocked up. Attending our church in a movie theater was nice, but I CAN'T WAIT to have an actual CHURCH to attend every Sunday!!! If you haven't checked it out yet, you MUST!!!! IT IS AWESOME!!! Thank You Lord!!!!

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  1. that will be a change when your church is all set- I didn't realize you were in a movie theater! The things we do for our Faith ;) ok, that sounds extreme, but still!

    I'm so proud of you that you identify yourself as a Mother this year no matter what others might say or demonstrate. Bolt most certainly "counts", but carrying a child in your heart whether or not it manifests in a certain time frame most certainly "counts" too and in a whole other amazing kind of way. Congratulations and so excited to keep reading your updates :)