Friday, May 28, 2010

Great is Thy Faithfulness!

God is so faithful! Even when He says "no," or "not now"- He is still so faithful!

Sometimes He drops manna from the sky, or someone drops groceries on your door step when you didn't know how you were going to afford your next meal, (never happened to me but it did to friends of ours). But sometimes, He doesn't send the help you needed. But He is still faithful!

It would have been awesome if someone came up to us and was like, "Hey, I'm a licensed plumber AND a licensed electrician and I will do your inspections for free!" That would have been cool, but unlikely. That would have been manna.

Here is how God is faithful:

I got my VB stuff in the mail the same day I got the news we were gonna have to put the process "on hold" in a sense. Since it was my birdie bandage, I wanted to get to work on it immediately to take my mind off waiting. Well, we were waiting to do the inspections because of money, so spending money on the bird room would have been silly. So I asked Mr. Incredible if I could spend like $20 at Hobby Lobby so I could keep my mind busy this weekend. He said sure. :)

I thought the $20 would be for just a few items, and I would have to go back next paycheck to buy more, and go again later, etc. Well, we get there and the wood is 40% off!!!!! THANK YOU LORD! Seriously, I said that in the isle and was in awe of His faithfulness! We got out of Hobby Lobby buying EVERYTHING I wanted for the room on that isle and we spend $21!

When we got in the car, I realized I forgot Modge Podge. OOPS! We ran back in and it was $6! UGH! I thought it would be like $3 {no $6 won't break the bank, but still} He asked if I really needed it and of course I do! So we are in line and the lady behind us says, "I have the 40% coupon that has to be used on non sale items- since all these are on sale would y'all like it?" SO we got the Modge Podge for 40% off! Do you not see this as God? I do!

Also, I had plans for lunch with a friend, bobbin lessons with a different friend in the afternoon, and a 5th grade graduation in the evening to attend yesterday. The day after we got the "put on hold news." I didn't even have time to work on the bird room, I was so busy! See His faithfulness! All of this occurred when I would have been the most depressed about the whole thing! {Also, I received many encouraging words from firends that are priceless! Thanks so much!}

I see God even in the littlest, most mundane things. You should too! For those of us in Christ, He is our Father! He loves us and cares for even the littlest details in our lives knowing it will bring us joy and Him praise and adoration! He was able to show His glory and faithfulness to me in the last 2 days because I have to wait for the inspections. If that isn't Romans 8:28 in the works- I don't know what is! :)

I am off to work on the bird room some more until Mr. Incredible gets home, (early!! wahoo!), but would you like a sneak peek before I go?
Ok, the blue may seem random, but in the trees are little blue birds. In person you can see this better. :)
I just love the little bird cage. This card is the only VB product with that pic! I HAD to get it!! :)


  1. That is some expensive Podge!

    Love your cute little birdcage. :D

  2. where did you get those cute little frames??