Thursday, May 6, 2010

Patriotic Rant, and CUTE VIDEO {both entirely unrelated}

Ok, I am dusting off my soapbox! A boy got sent home yesterday for wearing an American Flag Tshirt. UMMM are you kidding me??? Since it was Cinco de Mayo they thought it would cause controversy. Umm- first of all why do we celebrate Cinco de Mayo- it is MEXICO'S independence day. Last I checked this is AMERICA! I wore something American everyday at school! Gee, I am glad I was never sent home for loving my country!

Secondly I think it is so ridic about the big stink over AZ. They are not saying it is illegal to immigrate there, they are saying it is illegal to be an illegal alien. Um did you catch that- ILLEGAL alien- yeah I thought they were supposed to be illegal in the first place.

One of my favorite things about America is that we are one big melting pot of cultures. Very cool! The Keierlebers immigrated from Germany, Paul's mom, (and later her family too), came here from Korea, and not to mention the only "true" Americans were the NATIVE Americans- our Founding Fathers were immigrants too! I LOVE this about America, but you know what? You HAVE TO DO IT LEGALLY!!! PERIOD!!!!

Now, for just some fun. Here is one of the little girls that spent the week at my house. She had been singing this song all week, and I wanted to catch it on film. Well, when the camera came out she starting screaming it and jumping up and down- which added to the hilarity. :)

"Oh God is bigger than the Boogeyman, He is bigger than Godzilla or the monsters on TV."

Did you notice Joy saying, "Gorilla" instead of "Godzilla?" ;)


  1. Agreed that the kid shouldn't have been sent home but I will correct one thing - Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico's Independance Day. It is a celebration of the Battle of Puebla where the Mexican forces battled and won against a much larger French Army that was trying to invade. Mexico already had their independance from Spain years before. MY soapbox! :)

  2. getting sent home for wearing a US flag shirt sees a little bit out of control to me. I mean when I taught, sure the school had a policy about revealing too much this or that, swear/curse words and any kind of sexual innuendo on a shirt, but American anything? Nope.

    The video is so stinkin' cute! Is the song from Veggie Tales? Bear just got me a hand me down CD of Veggie Tales and I think I recognize the lyrics :)