Friday, January 28, 2011

And Again

Once again, I forgot to post a photoshoot. Let's pretend it is still December seeing as these were taken for the family's Christmas card. ;)

Oh, you didn't know I was an amateur photographer? You can find more info here. :)

Meet the Grace Family

This was much less dark when it was larger and not on the blog. hmm...
I usually hate when photogs over do it with sepia/b&w effects. I promise this is usually not my practice. However I needed it for this shoot. 1. the lighting was too bright since it was overcast and images like the one above looked too washed out without a little help, and 2. images like the group below are just so pretty in an effect, and 3. sometimes it just looks cool in little amounts like the 2 above group shots.

Oh, and if these next 3 do not melt your heart, you need to change your name to The Grinch.

Seriously- how sweet were these? I can't wait to get pics of Mr. Incredible and Sweetpea like these. :)
How fun is this? I wish I would have known this was coming so I could get the other two kiddos to make a funny face too. :)
S kept coming up with fun shots to try. :)
What handsome boys! R, you really should smile with your teeth- you would look even more handsome!
It may be out of focus, but how cute is this? :) And what did I tell you about your smile R? :)
How great is this pic of E?! :)

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  1. You did a great job! I love the Grace Family!