Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Have you had your Veggies today?

What better way to get out of the dumps than to watch talking vegetables bring a little humor and truth into our lives? I seriously brought these into my room today to watch them. I have been feeling the urge to especially watch the first one mentioned for awhile now. We love the Veggie Tales a the Keierleber Castle. We have every one ever made. Wanting to start your collection? Here are my favorites:

#1 all time FAV: It's a Meaningful Life. Oh, and grab the tissues, this is a very heart warming story that alwasy makes me tear up, if not cry. :) I could live without the Silly Song, but everything else is amazing! Even the extras! Be sure to catch Steven Curtis Chapman's Music video and the video for Show Hope. :)
Close second: Gideon the Tuba Warrior. Was my #1 until Meaningful Life came out! You may want tissues for this one too. :)
Sweetpea Beauty, {not the whole video, just the Sweetpea Beauty Segment}*

A Snoodle's Tale, {not the whole video, just the Snoodle's Tale Segment}* Def want tissues for the Snoodle's Tale. Very heartwarming.

Those are my favorites. Although, The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's is very enjoyable. :) I would say if you are leery- try this one for size first. :)

*Not that I don't like the other part of the episode- they just don't rank as my favorites. Make sense?

Ok, so I guess as a good rule of thumb, keep tissues near whenever you watch Veggie Tales. Come on, they are telling us stories of how God loves us, so you have to expect some tears, right? :)

What are your favorites? :)

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