Monday, January 17, 2011

Shutterfly Fairy

I had a friend suggest that Shutterfly should pay me for advertising. Good Point. Did ya hear that Shutterfly?! I don't really need money payment- I'd accept free products anytime- you have my info. ;)

Anyway, here are a few products I ordered recently- some of which are brand new to the Shutterfly store.

Normally I would take the time to crop and fix images before posting, but I don't have the energy. Let's pretend they all look fab, ok? ;)

Ok, so this is not from Shutterfly. A friend at church made this for Sweetpea! :)
Bottom right- we got our 2010 year book. :) I highly recommend doing year books!! Shuttrefly doesn't sell year books per se, I just make an 8X8 photobook of that particular year. :)
New product #1, Desk plaque. I bought 2 5X5 desk plaques, and I will be buying more!
You can get up to 12X12 I believe.
New product #2, wall art. I took this image at the zoo, photoshopped it, then sent it to Shutterfly to mount.
I am very happy with the mounting and will for sure be buying more of these as well.

This is Sweetpea's bithday book. The 12X12 is for me and the 8X8 is for her. You know, when she goes off and gets married. Yikes. :)

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  1. Yep, they should hire you! :-)

    Few questions for you...
    1) Who from CCBC makes hair bows?
    2) Would you be willing to update my blog page?
    Email me with all the answers. Thanks!